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Seat Belts Save Lifes!
Page last updated  May 11, 2023


Welcome to the Neversink Fire Department website.

The NFD provides both Fire and EMS protection to about 1,000 people, covering approximately 50 square miles.  The NFD also provides mutual aid response to the surrounding areas, including Grahamsville, Woodbourne, Liberty, Claryville, Loch Sheldrake, and occasionally mutual aid to Ulster County .

The population can quadruple in the summer time due to visitors in the area.

2023* 20
2022 74
2021 75
2020 72
2019 57
2018 64
2017 56
2016* 55
2015 71
2014 48
2013 35
2012 43
2011 53
2010 32
2009 49
2008 57
*approx. year to date
Pose this question to yourself...
What if you had an emergency and no one came?
This scenario is not a imaginary one! EMS squads around the region have been forced to shut their doors and more are closing their doors during the day throughout the normal Monday through Friday week due to manpower issues.  Relying on surrounding Squads (who are also short on manpower) and the single paid EMS company in the county.
 This puts a strain also not just an issue.
With today's busy life's and families that have 1 or more member working second and third jobs they have little or no time to volunteer.  With less time in our life's for helping others this leaves critical manpower shortages within our communities.  This critical shortage is a potential life threatening issue.  For someone who needs help due to an illness or life threatening emergency, they may have to wait for help to come from an extended distance.
This effects everyone in one way or another. Mostly the person in need of help, but for the family that might suffer the loss of a loved one.

Both EMS & Fire Departments are hurting from a lack of new members.

What can you do to help? 

 Ever thought about becoming an EMT?
Ever thought about becoming a firefighter? 

 All training is provided free! 
That's right, all training, uniforms and other equipment is provided free of charge!  Are you willing to help but cant devote the time to the training or maybe you just want to help around the firehouse? Anytime that you can spare is greatly needed!   Help is needed in all areas.

For more information on volunteering contact us today.
Stop by the firehouse any Monday night at 7PM and meet our members on a drill night!

Click here to see the NYS burning regulations!  
Physical Address for GPS use:
Neversink Fire Department
7486 State Route 55

Neversink, NY 12765

Copyright   Neversink FD No reproduction, partial or in whole of any text, photos or any other content without the written permission of the NFD.  If you have any questions you may contact us at neversinkfd@gmail.com